Friday, 16 November 2012

Siestas are great!

Last night I was at Kiko's house.  

I was so tired when we got home after school that Kiko suggested that I try one of my first Spanish traditions; the SIESTA J

When I woke up I felt better and I found Kiko doing some homework. 

                                           I wanted to help him but I'm not very good at mathematics.

After that I wanted to learn how to cook Spanish food and when we were arriving to the kitchen I saw Kiko's  ps3… I asked him if I could play call of duty because everyone in class was talking about it. 

                                                                          And to his surprise I won!  


                             Then we played a little bit with his skateboard and we had the dinner.  

I had a nice day and I hope he had it too. 


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