Wednesday, 14 November 2012

At Carmen's house

Yesterday, Tuesday the 13th I went to Carmen’s house. She had to go volleyball training with Mar so I went with her. I made lot of new friend of her team, they were really nice. We were there for two hours, I saw Mar and Carmen working very hard. When they finished Mar’s mom came to collect us. When we arrived, Carmen had to study so I helped her.

Later, Carmen let me try to ride her unicycle.  Unfortunately, my legs are too short and all I could do was just hang there.  Carmen has long legs, so she took me for a ride on it!

We had dinner (we had salad and some pumpkin puree) It tasted really nice. I was very hungry so I had a little bit more. After having dinner I played with Bea (Carmen’s sister) Luis (Carmen’s brother) and Carmen. I had lot of fun. We watched T.V. but I was very tired and I fell asleep. Carmen took me to my bed and she went to sleep. This was my day with CarmenJ

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