Monday, 19 November 2012

My Weekend with Olivia

On Friday afternoon after English class at school, Olivia headed towards me with a huge smile across her face and told me that I was going to spend that weekend with her. I was really excited! After saying goodbye to Zuzanna and the other students, my new friend and I returned walking to her house.

There I met Olivia’s younger brother, Jacob. He was even more excited than me! He hugged me and started talking really quickly. The three of us spent the whole afternoon and part of the evening talking and, before dinner, Olivia and I read a few chapters of her favourite book, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince (in English of course!)

On Saturday I helped Olivia with her homework and afterwards we both rested because we were really tired. Then, in the late afternoon, we went sightseeing! 

We saw famous monuments like the “Puerta de Alcalá”, Colón’s Square.... 

.....and, next to the City Hall, the Cibeles’ Fountain (Where Real Madrid, the Spanish football team, celebrates its victories!)  We took a lot of pictures but I could only upload some of them because there were too many! That night we didn’t read because we were exhausted!

On Sunday we had pancakes with syrup and cream for breakfast (yummy!) and I read a little more of the book while Olivia finished her homework. 


That afternoon was fantastic! We had “churros” with hot chocolate, a typical Spanish dish that’s eaten when it’s very cold. It was delicious! As you can see in the photo I uploaded, behind me and the “churros” there’s a Cibeles Fountain replica just of my size!

I had great fun this weekend!

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