Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fun Sports with Gabriel!

This afternoon I went with Gabriel to his house.


We were doing skateboard and he was helping me to do the basic movement, the ollie.  Really I do this very well and I like it a lot.

After this, we went to the gym because he goes to taekwondo and he invited me to practice this sport.  I learned to defend myself against the people who want to attack me.


And Gabriel presented to me his friends, Quique, Alejandro, Pedro and Anando... They were very nice with me and I was very happy.

This day was great, but I am very tired, and it is the hour to go to bed.

Good night!


  1. Hey Scaffy,
    I find it so fantastic that you can make the ollie on the skateboard and defend yourself.
    I hope your well

  2. Hello Scaffy,
    I also learned a kind of Austria it´s called "karate". Now I really know a lot of defending myself...but I did this "sport" only about 5 years...:( !!!
    So I hope you are going to have some more nice days in spain!
    Enjoy ur trip!


  3. Scaffy go to hortaleza skatepark and learn a lot of tricks and he has and awesome 3flip!

  4. scaffy did a amecing nollie hardflip to manual.